1. Love your latest blog !! Thank you for taking us on your journey !! We Miss you and love you very much !! Dad & Bonus Mom

  2. First of all we would like to wish you a very Happy New Years and a safe one too. After reading your latest blog I have to ask….10.9 knots??? Were you drinking??? I think that mahi-mahi could easily feed four, hint,hint. And a museum named after you John Michael…WOW! Can hardly wait for some really fresh conch chowder. This is more adventurous reading than Clive Cussler, and you know how much I like his books. This is so exciting! Keep up the good work! Love Dad & Bonus Mom

    1. Hahaha Daddy! We try to keep our drinking down to only 4 or 5 an hour while underway. 🙂 We’ll do our best to catch some dinner when y’all are here. John-Michael doesn’t want to write like Clive, just have similar royalties. I love you!!

  3. Hi John Michael and Kimberly……this is Lundi Gras calling. I miss you both very much. Think of me today!!!


  4. This is Sally on s/v Pyxis, anchored in Ile a Vache. We’ll be watching for you and hope your trip is going well. When you round the west end of Haiti and start your easting, be prepared for some pretty big swells. Fair winds.

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