THE Boat

WS sails out 2

We’ve had other boats before this one – “starter boats” that were just right for our needs at the time, but we knew we were just using them. We treated them well and loved them as much as we could but we were just biding our time until SHE came along.

SHE is our dreamboat. A 2000 Island Packet 420. As is usually the case, we didn’t even know how badly we wanted her until we saw her in person. Suddenly, all other boats we viewed were just a blur. All we could do was compare them to her. She’s spacious, sleek, heavy, clean and loaded with all kinds of equipment we hardly know how to use, but she will teach us. Those other boats trained us well enough to know that the best way to learn how she performs is to get her out there and let her show us what she’s got.

So that’s what we’re doing next week. We’ll be heading to Miami to join Captain Woody on the 2nd half of her delivery from Rock Hall, MD to NOLA. This will be our first time sailing her, and our first time doing a multi-day, non-stop passage. John-Michael is nothing but excited, and eager to get all those systems humming. Kimberly is enthused and a bit terrified, and worried she’ll forget to bring something “essential”, like cold meds or mayonaise. She also wonders how on earth she’s going to survive a week without vodka.

But mostly, all we can think is that we can’t wait to bring her home.


  1. A fascinating article about a dream of a boat but I can’t figure out for the life of me why you’ve got to go a week without vodka unless you’re of course switching to rum.

    Why is the rum gone?

    1. LOL! We’re trying to stay sober for the passage and I can only do that if there is NO alcohol on board! We’ll make up for it once we’re back on land.

  2. It turned out that the most important thing to me on making a passage was making myself go to sleep when it was my turn so I could stay up on my watch later… have fun I know it’s going to be a blast!

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