Our Easy and (Not So) Breezy First Week

At the end of our first seven days as cruisers we still didn’t feel like cruisers. Seven to ten days was our usual vacation time aboard and, in the past, it typically meant sailing toward Pensacola. After our first week cruising, we were still in the Florida panhandle and I felt like we should be turning around, headed back to NOLA any day. Realization that we’re going to keep going is just starting to sink in. Though we spent that first week in familiar waters, we did have some new experiences that made it fun and/or interesting. But mostly, cruising is REALLY boring in between destinations! Even when we went out into the Gulf of Mexico seeking stronger winds we usually ended up motoring. Often there was just no wind, or it was coming from dead ahead, which is the no-go zone under sail. Here are some of the things that broke up the monotony:

The Perseid Meteor Shower was truly awesome to behold in a dark, moonless sky


Reuniting with Captain Ron (the REAL one!), the Pensacola legend who taught us everything we needed to know about sailing 9 years ago

2015-08-12 15.20.55

Catching our first (edible) fish – a Spanish Mackerel – and having the freshest sashimi ever


Lightning storms straight ahead, in the otherwise pitch black of night

Eating dozens of the best oysters ever in Apalachicola

2015-08-16 20.05.58

More dolphins! They stayed with us for hours, click here for video or go to our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/OurLifeAquaticPuraVida

Watching the water change from Lake Pontchartrain brown to Gulf sapphire

Mind bogglingly stunning sunsets


Catching our second edible fish – a Dorado/ Mahi Mahi/ Dolphin Fish


Mostly, the first leg of this jaunt was all about getting even more comfortable with ship systems while making our way to more exotic places. We are definitely more in tune with her now, and my confidence level is growing every day with each new thing I learn. We are headed next for Key West (not exactly “exotic”, I know) where we know we’ll find some fun in the water and onshore. Hopefully, a pod or two of dolphins will show us the way!


  1. Well I must say yall are eating well and very healthy! Enjoy Key West Duval Street will make feel like your at home in the Quarter. Safe Travels and Smooth Sailing!

  2. Kimberly and John-Michael,
    It’s awesome to see ya’ll are doing so well and having such a great time; you both deserve it sooo much. Here’s hoping for continued calm seas and some occasional tail winds! Will continue to monitor your adventures!
    Best wishes,
    Randy & Jeanette

  3. So glad to hear you all are safe and sound and having a great time on and off the water.
    The fish look delicious!! Great job on the deep sea fishing…I’m soooo jealous ?
    I love reading your blogs – I can live through you all. Love you both and safe travels!

  4. My husband and I just read all of your blog. We’ll keep following you and living vicariously through your wonderful adventures! May you have calm seas, good tail winds , good Rum and smooth sailing!

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