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  • OUR FROSTY DRAWERS (12/22/2021) by Kimberly - It Started With A Stench For years, every time we reached in to our utensil drawer above the refrigerator, or pulled open the large drawer below, our nostrils were assaulted by the unmistakable scent of mold. Attempts to purge the offending odor with vinegar, then bleach, had no effect. We learned to live with it, Read More
  • Our Cruising Quinquennial (9/9/2020) by John-Michael - August 9, 2015 was a regular Sunday in New Orleans. It was expectedly hot, humid, cloudy, and the summertime sluggishness had settled over the city like a smothering blanket. It did not feel like a special day for us, yet it was arguably one of the most momentous days of our lives. After our morning Read More
  • We Will NEVER Be a Dog Boat! (8/27/2020) by Kimberly - Five years ago, when we set sail from New Orleans, we made a vow to ourselves that ¡Pura Vida! would be dog free. We love them all, but made the difficult decision based on reading about the complications and expense of clearing into new countries, the need to ferry them ashore several times a day, Read More
  • Back for Seconds at the Buffet (3/3/2020) by John-Michael - After over four years of wandering through the Caribbean and exploring dozens of islands and hundreds of anchorages, you would think we are used to the excitement of arriving at a new locale. The thrill, however, never wears off. Each place can be so dramatically different in culture, landscape, language, food, customs and immigration procedures, Read More