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  • Fat Bottomed Girl (5/8/2023) by John-Michael - We have hauled ¡Pura Vida! out of the water several times to work on her bottom, but it has always been done by a boat yard with a sling crane. These beastly contraptions place two or three enormous straps under her hull and gently lift her out of the water. The crane then moves to… Read More
  • Pacification (3/31/2023) by John-Michael - We finally did it! We crossed the isthmus through the Panama Canal, affectionally called the big ditch, into the expansive Pacific Ocean. Despite having read a ton of blogs and guides, there were quite a few surprises in store for us. The journey across Panama The crossing alone was quite the experience. It required extensive… Read More
  • Double The Fun (Double The Madness) (4/17/2022) by John-Michael - It has been an exciting, crazy year…and it is only mid-April. The madness started at the end of 2021, when we made a life-changing, yet impulsive, decision. After being struck by lightning in 2020 and having close calls with hurricanes from 2015 to 2018 aboard ¡Pura Vida!, we decided that we no longer wanted to… Read More
  • Something Is Burning (3/19/2022) by John-Michael - "Something is burning" are three of the most frightening words you can hear someone say on a cruising boat. Those are the exact words Kimberly yelled out a couple of minutes after we had started our engine. She then ran to the cockpit and shut the engine down while I reached for the fire extinguisher.… Read More