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  • Boat Blocked! (6/24/2024) by John-Michael - Road block in Panama City (Photo Credit: AlJazeera) At the end of 2023, we returned from France to Panama to civil unrest. Main roads were shut down throughout the country, and some regions were paralyzed as illegal, semi-permanent blockades completely stopped vehicular traffic. Nothing could get through by land – not people, goods, or even… Read More
  • Harvest Time (12/21/2023) by John-Michael - If you know us at all, you undoubtedly recognize that we love traveling slowly, putting down roots, and getting to know a place. Zipping from one city to the next, with only a day or two to explore, has never been our style. When a place touches our hearts and imaginations, we are inclined to… Read More
  • Wine Country (11/28/2023) by John-Michael - What comes to mind when you think of France? Wine is probably near the top of the list, or it should be. During our first season in France, in 2022, we traveled through multiple regions and enjoyed how the wine varieties changed. We were never very close to vineyards, however, and bought our wine at… Read More
  • That’s a Wrap! (11/10/2023) by John-Michael - If you know us well, you know that subtlety and muted shades are not our jam. We like bold, funky patterns and loud colors. We want our immediate surroundings to be bright and cheerful. We love Ziggy B, but the boat came from the factory in the most boring colors, and it was almost in… Read More