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Simply, we love the water, and have dreamed for years of living our lives surrounded by it.

In August, 2015 we sold everuthing we could not carry aboard and departed our beloved old city, New Orleans, Louisiana, onboard ¡Pura Vida!our 2000 Island Packet 420 sailboat.  We ventured beyond the Gulf of Mexico for the first time on our own boat.

Just leaving our usual cruising grounds was an adventure in itself – but there was so much more to learn and see out there.

In 2022 we decided that we had had enough of dodging hurricanes and enduring lightning storms during the tropical summer. We were definitely not done sailing, however. We decided to sail the tropics during the winter and spring and cruise the European canals in the summer and fall. That is when we bought our second boat, Ziggy B.

Our life will continue to be aquatic for the foreseeable future, now on two continents. We hope you enjoy our blog.

Thanks for following.

~Kimberly & John-Michael

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  1. We Iveta und Guenther bought a Dufour 365 this zear after a long time of charter a boat. We aquip it in the next years and plsn to start summer 2018.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Iveta und Guenther

  2. I hung my own uniform up 5 years ago since which time we have been living aboard and sailing. You are about to join an amazing family and create memories you will never ever forget. Oh and put some beers in the fridge for me for when we meet on this big blue marble.

  3. Ahoy,

    I’m reaching out because I just read your post on ‘ Islamorada and Key Largo’ and completely enjoyed it. It’s always good to see like-minded sailors sharing their ruminations, victories, failures, humor…

    My name is Kevin Curran, I’m a biology professor at University of San Diego and also an avid sailor. I sail my Newport 30 out to Catalina Island as much as possible and am hoping to make the big crossing to Polynesia sooner than later…

    I thought you might be interested in sharing our home page links on each other’s sailing websites?

    I author a sailing blog that, among other things, provides cruising advice for west coast sailors (distances from Southern California harbors out to the main Channel Island destinations.) There’s also some DIY boat maintenance tips thrown in there.

    This is my home page.


    If you’re interested, I can add a link to your home page on the Captain Curran sailing blog.

    If you like, I can also post your above-mentioned article on my All Things Boat facebook page.


    Thanks a bunch for your consideration.

    Kevin Curran

    1. Thanks! We will add your link to our page and please feel free to link and share our page on your blog and FB. We will not be in the Pacific for a few years, but eventually we plan to go. Look forward to reading about your adventures. We also have a FB page with a few more pics than the blog at http://www.facebook.com/OurLifeAquaticPuraVida.

  4. Great to meet you two! Had a great time last night at Katherine and Charlie’s. I love hearing good stories- you are amazing. Hope to see you again soon. If I didn’t have drums to tune, I would hop in my kayak and paddle out – it’s flat calm now!

  5. John-Michael and Kimberly, like modern day Ferdinand Magellan, your adventures of day to day life are extremely fascinating!!! I am now following you on satellite as you approach Kingstown. You two are enjoying a life few of us could possibly have. I wish you smooth sailing and await the updates on your journeys on water, land, and life.

    1. Thanks, Wayne! Glad you like the posts. We’re a few islands behind on the blog, but will update it soon when we settle down in Grenada for a couple of months.

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